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Creativity and Touch of Madness

By Arline Kaplan ©2014 (All Rights Reserved) No great genius has ever existed without some touch of madness.–Aristotle or Seneca1 Recent large-scale Swedish registry studies and brain imaging studies are exploring the validity of this ancient observation linking creativity/genius and psychopathology, and the results are mixed. Since the terms, genius, and creativity have received multiple […]

Call in the Troops

By Arline Kaplan © 2015 (All Rights Reserved) Your wife has undergone a diagnostic test for a life-threatening illness, but the results will not be known for a few days. You begin asking, “What if, she has the illness?” “What will we do?” “What if I lose her?” Or your son calls you tearfully on […]

For Caregivers: Finding Support and Help

  For Caregivers: Finding Support and Help By Arline Kaplan © 2000 Because you are a devoted caregiver, you are at risk of becoming a hidden victim of the disease. For your own well-being and that of the person you are caring for, it is important that you Monitor your stress level and find ways […]